My semester abroad.

Daily Challenge: December 2


This is a collage of pictures that show you Florence. Tourists, Olive Orchards, Beautiful Buildings and Blue Sky.

Day One Hundred and Five: Not So Normal Tuesday


  1. Two different Asians with maps asked me for directions within 5 minutes of each other
  2. Nineteen days til I come home

Photo of the Day:

Quotes from Marcello(my Quarters of Florence Teacher who talks in the 3rd person):

  1. "Women who have seen more ceilings than walls…if you know what I mean"

Overview: Today I had to wake up at dawn to go to a meeting to get my permit of stay paperwork completed. I got to the meeting point and realized that I forgot my passport. So I was about a 13 minute fast walk away from my apartment and they were leaving in 20. Therefore I walked very fast to my apartment at some point I ran grabbed my passport and returned in about 26 minutes. I was hot and sweaty and some man pointed to me and said “ha freddo”. Which means shes cold. I honestly wasn’t cold because I had been running for about 24 minutes at that point. Thankfully the group had not left for the Questra and I was able to walk with them. Now for the waiting game, basically the Questra is where immigrants get their permit of stay. It is a dirty dirty version of an international DMV. I sat for about two hours before my name was called. Thankfully I had heard of other horror stories and brought my book (which I proudly finished later today). I left the “DMV” and signed up for ravioli making! Yet another thing that is going to get me out of the house and away from homework this weekend.

I went to class and had a presentation. I think it went well. I made the MLB ads for it and everyone seemed to really like the advertisements that I made. I thought they were decent. I got an email from my summer internship application and I have to take two more tests one for editing and one for personality. Im doing pretty well! Looking forward to these next 2 and a half weeks!

Italian’s Best Pick Up Lines

Italian’s continuously failed attempts to pick up American girls:

5. Ha Freddo.

4. You have beautiful eyes.

3. I like your smile.

2. I love you!

1. Ciao Bella!

When in Vatican City… This is the St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. Instead of going into the museum I walked around the entire country.


So I have not done much today but sleep in, enjoy the sunshine, make a nice breakfast sandwich, and check my email. When I checked my email I had received one from the volunteer coordinator at Lorenzo De Medici. He said that I will be volunteering on Wednesdays with a school. Last Friday I visited the school with a bunch of other girls and realized that I wanted to work with these kids. So here I am tomorrow I start teaching Italian kindergarteners English. AHHHHH Im so excited! 

Day Thirty Eight: Productive Day


  1. Two different people ask me what something means in the grocery store in Italian

Photo of the Day:

Overview: Today was productive and eventful! What more could you ask for. I woke up went to the grocery store. The two wonderful women (Chelsea and Lacey) you see in the photo above came over and we planned our Fall Break Trip; which includes Perugia, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague. We had a nice lunch and got gelato. Later at night there was a welcoming of students that are studying abroad with free food, wine and beer. We went and met up with Kalani! He goes to Canisius but we never knew each other before Italy. His roommates, myself, Kalani, Chelsea and Lacey went to get pizza and now I’m home getting excited for Oktober Fest this weekend. 

I was not asked to lead Jamaica and I’m pretty upset by it, but then I realized I’m in ITALY! Plus I have a best friend in NYC. Looks like when I get back I will be going to NYC instead of volunteering my time and being lead by someone that has never been to Jamaica. Positives always come from negatives.

The “Sperma” sweatshirt. Please read the Italy: Home of the “Sf” Blog for an explanation.

The “Sperma” sweatshirt. Please read the Italy: Home of the “Sf” Blog for an explanation.

Day Thirty Five: Crazy Asian Tourists

Photo of the Day:

The Duomo

Quotes from Marcello(my Quarters of Florence Teacher who talks in the 3rd person):

  1. "I go home and see IKEA, they go home and see a Raphael.” He was talking about the Taddei Family home. They adopted Raphael at a young age and he made a lot of paintings for them
  2. "We have more Davids in Florence, than Japanese tourists." A girl asked why there were so many different versions of the David.
  3. "David must have impressed my Florentine ancestors more than Indiana Jones, Spiderman, Superman, and Harry Potter." Also referring to the large amount of David statues. 

Overview: The weather has cooled down a lot. It has been t-shirt and jean weather! Fall has arrived. In my Quarters of Florence class we take notes for the first half of class and then we walk around Florence. While standing in front of the Duomo listening to a group present information on the Baptistery an Asian lady tapped the shoulder of a girl in my class. She turned around and the Asian lady’s husband snapped a photo. She then went to the next girl and her husband took a photo of them. We all looked at each other and laughed. Why do Asians take pictures of the most random things? (Future Jason Blog: be on the look out) I tried to grab a picture of the lady, but she walked away.