My semester abroad.

Jason Crossover Blog- Good is So Plain

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Origin: Being in a different country you hear a lot of different accents, new words, and new meanings for words. Then I was thinking how plain we Americans are.

Question: How are you? What is EVERYONE’s answer? Good, right? Why?

Why is everyone just PLAIN good. The English language is filled with so many great adjectives that describe how we are feeling.

Why are we so afraid to tell people how we are really doing or what we are really feeling?

We are all guilty of saying “good” when we want to say “awful” or “sad”. But we do not want the pity and stories that come with it.

Examples of Words to Use: Brilliant, Amazing, Awesome, Horrible… check a thesaurus

I dare you to try using one of these words when someone asks you how you are doing DO NOT SAY GOOD.